Advanced Microcontroller

The microcontroller plays a revolutionary role in the embedded industry, after the invention of Intel 8051. The steady and progressive research in this field gave the industry more efficient, high-performance and low-power consumption microcontrollers. The AVR, PIC and ARM are the prime examples for this.

The new age microcontrollers are getting smarter and richer by including latest communication protocols like USB, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, CAN etc.At the end of the course students will be able to work as System design engineer and embedded engineer with good knowledge of Microcontroller based design.

Course objective

The course is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the Advanced microcontrollers in the field of embedded systems.The course gives equal emphasis to hardware and software, enabling to face challenges in the design and development of state of the art embedded systems.

The training program enables the aspirants to work on the Architecture, Pin diagram, Input/Output interfacing, Exposure to embedded C programming and also to set up & customize a microcontroller development environment.



  • Serial Communication protocols – I2C,SPI,CAN

  • AVR ATmega16 Microcontroller – Hardware Architecture & Memories

  • Timers, Interrupts and serial communication in ATmega16 microcontroller

  • Interfacing ATmega16 microcontroller with LCD, Motors, Keypad, ADC, wireless protocol

  • PIC16F877A Microcontroller – Hardware Architecture & GPIOs

  • Timers, Interrupts and serial communication in PIC 16F877A

  • Interfacing PIC 16F877A with LCD, Keypad, ADC,UART communication

  • ARM 7TDMI-S Architecture & ARM Operating modes,

  • Introduction to LPC21xx and GPIO registers

  • Timers and Phase Locked loop(PLL) configuration

  • Vectored Interrupt Controller(VIC) and serial Communication

  • Interfacing LPC21xx with LCD,Keypad,ADC,UART

  • Interfacing Wireless protocols- GSM,GPS,Bluetooth,RFID,Zigbee with LPC21xx

  • Hands-on development boards

  • PWM generation in PIC18F4550



    • Get trained through an ISO certified institute. Our course completion certificate and material are globally recognized. Skill based certification provided which will add value in resume



    • All our trainer are Certified in their Products. B2E certified Industry experienced faculty. They ensure students are benefited with in depth practical training.



    • LIVEWIRE is in association with 250+ corporates, who grab candidates from our centres when they match their job requirement. We offer all these opening to the students. They will be able to directly apply for the openings through our Student Portal.


  • We will guide you on one-mini project

  • Real time application training

  • Individual focus

  • Learn the required skill


  • Material for future reference

  • Internationally recognized Course Completion certificate

  • Skill based Certificate



  • According to Hexa research,Embedded System Market Size Will Reach $214.24 Billion by 2020.

  • Companies like TCS, Wipro, L&T, TATA, Elexsi, Infosys, Zensar, Tech Mahindra, Patni, Volvo, Airbus, Toshiba are investing heavily in their systems operations in India.

  • Lot of career opportunities are available in embedded systems. Some of them are as follows:

  • Embedded Software Engineer

  • System Software Engineer

  • Application Software Engineer

  • Software Test Engineer.

  • Embedded Hardware Engineer.

  • Embedded System Trainer.

  • Various Sectors in which you will get Embedded Systems Jobs are Medical Electronics, Aerospace, Automobiles, Defence, Toys, Consumer Electronics, Food industry, Telecommunication, Industrial machines, Space, Agriculture And Constructio

Advanced Microcontroller PayScale


The course is available for professionals and B.E./B.Tech./ B.Sc or diploma students in ECE, EEE E& I, or CS, IT engineering fields.
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