ANSYS Fluent

ANSYS Fluent is a powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for optimizing product’s performance. Its broad physical modeling capabilities help model flow, turbulence, and heat transfer. Also, this tool models reaction for industrial applications such as airflow over an aircraft and automobile body, combustion in a furnace, oil flow, airflow over semiconductor systems, and much more. With ANSYS Fluent you have access to several fluid flow physics model, which help analyze your product with precision.


Course Objectives

This course will assist students and professionals to understand the theory behind engineering simulation solvers, which will help critically evaluate and analyze the final results. This knowledge of input values and result analysis will enhance productivity and performance. Overall, through this course, students will acquire expertise in the CFD analysis using ANSYS Fluent.


Role in the Industry


  • It is used in automotive vehicle engineering solutions

  • It provides simulation solutions for materials and chemical processing

  • ANSYS Fluent simulation software enables companies to design, verify, and deliver reliable equipment for drilling, production, transport, and refining.

  • The software helps in engineering simulations for the construction industry.


Course highlight

This course contains elaborated modules to help you master the skills of CFD using ANSYS Fluent. These modules are given below:

  • Study of Fluid Flows

  • Introduction to CFD

  • Learning CFD Equations and Numerical Solution

  • Meshing

  • Geometry Creation in ICEM CFD

  • Turbulence Modeling

  • Learn boundary and cell conditions

  • Study solver mathematics and Post Processing

  • Design Optimization


Job Prospect

ANSYS Fluent finds implementation in several industries, such as aerospace and defense, automobile, construction, consumer goods, energy, materials and chemical processing, industrial equipment and manufacturing, semiconductor application, electronics applications, and much more. So, if you acquire mastery over this software, you will become eligible to enter any industry and to get a superior job.

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