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ARES Commander is a powerful and flexible CAD software for everyday work as well as complex projects. The software is used to leverage the productive tools and intelligent features for drafting and designing from the CAD products. The tool also has some exclusive productivity features with significant cost savings.

Course Objectives

The course will assist the students to master the ARES Commander tool and its applications making them confident to use them. The courseware and certification will enhance the productivity of the candidates to help them grab lucrative job opportunities.

Role in the Industry

  • It is used in the building design industry.

  • It offer powerful image rendering features to develop high quality models.

  • The software offers the usual 2D and 3D tools to create and modify DWG drawings and user friendly interface.

Course Highlights

The course contains elaborated modules to help candidates master the application. Some of them are:

  • ARES Touch and ARES Kudo

  • DWG Format

  • Cloud Storage

  • Base Point of a Block

  • Block Attributes Manager

  • Dynamic Custom Coordinate System

  • 2D and 3D HELIXs

  • Use of MultiLeaders

  • Use of the Trinity Dark User Interface

  • Learning new usability Improvements

ARES Commander-course - Exponiq Engineering


CADD Centre offers high quality courseware to all its students. Being certified by one of the biggest brands on the globe also makes the candidate’s profile stand out from the crowd and accelerate on their career paths.

Job Prospects

The designers and professionals trained and certified in ARES Commander can work across different industries to design and develop engineering models. Having a professional certification will make the candidates highly competitive in the market.

Who should be aiming for the course?

The course is designed for students and professionals in the design industry. The course also trains anyone who wish to learn and master the features of ARES Commander.

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