Auto CAD 2D & 3D Mechanical

AutoCAD Mechanical Course is designed for aspirants Mechanical design and drafting in manufacturing.
The AutoCAD® Mechanical course covers all the functionality of AutoCAD software, plus comprehensive libraries of standards-based parts and tools for automating common mechanical drawing tasks. We deliver hands on project based learning, where students acquire the knowledge needed to enhance the mechanical design concepts and processes.

AutoCAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting – available since 1982 as a desktop application and since 2010 as a mobile web- and cloud-based app marketed as AutoCAD 360. AutoCAD Mechanical design software is AutoCAD software built for manufacturing. Part of the Digital Prototyping (US site) solution, it includes all the functionality of AutoCAD, plus libraries of standards-based parts and tools for automating common mechanical CAD tasks and accelerating the mechanical design process.

Course Objectives

AutoCAD Mechanical course is designed to lend substantial benefits for the students who are involved in mechanical cad design. Also, the powerful drafting features of the tool can be efficient in other industry sectors as well.


Role in the Industry


The software allows designers and technicians for the creation of detailed 3D digital models of their work with complete information regarding dimensions, materials, and functionality of moving parts.


Course highlight

The course covers right from the basics to the step-by-step production of mechanical drawings that form the basis of mechanical engineering design. The session on AutoCAD for Mechanical Engineers will cover:

  • Navigating AutoCAD Mechanical Interface

  • Structuring, reusing and editing mechanical data

  • Managing layers and object properties

  • Adding center-lines and holes

  • Creating key geometry

  • Annotating parts and sub-assemblies

  • Creation of templates and data

  • Placement of dimensions


Job Prospect


There are numerous career opportunities for those who are qualified with AutoCAD Mechanical. These candidates can work as AutoCAD Design Engineer, CAD Technician, AutoCAD Draftsman in the field of Interior Design, Civil, Furniture, and Architecture Industry. Also, the candidates can take up contracts as a freelancer in industries where AutoCAD is required.


Who should be aiming for the course?

All the students who wish to learn AutoCAD from basic to advanced level, to start building the career with powerful design software. 

Basic knowledge of mechanical drafting and working experience of the software will help in taking the learnings ahead.

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