Learn to efficiently build and manage production Linux Infrastructure with Linux System / Server Administration

Linux is an operating system like MS Windows, which allow software programs ("application software") to interact with the computer. An operating system makes the computer hardware (say, a microprocessor) understand the commands of application software and gets the job done.

Server/system administration of Linux is all about keeping a Linux-based computer in usable order. Administration involves functions like backing up files, installing new programs, creating or deleting user accounts, making certain that the filesystem is not corrupted, and so on. In short, if a computer were a house, system administration would be can be likened to maintenance - things like cleaning, fixing broken windows, etc.

Linux OS - ExponIQ Engineering Services Pvt Ltd
Linux Certification - ExponIQ Engineering Services Pvt Ltd


  • Introduction to Linux and History of Linux, Architecture of a Linux Operating System, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its features, Linux Installation – Graphical & Text mode    

  • GNOME Desktop, File System Hierarchy, Command Line Interface, Basic Commands

  • Basic Commands

  • Text file processing – Vim, Gedit

  • Text Processing Commands

  • User and group management – Users and password, Local group accounts, Importance of Root user.

  • Linux file system permissions, managing permissions, Securing files with ACL

  • Networking concepts, configuring Network with nmcli

  • Editing Network configuration, Configuring Hostname

  • File system concepts, managing disk partitions.

  • Logical Volume Management – Concepts and creating LVs

  • Logical Volume Management – Extending and Reducing LVs

  • RPM Software packages, Managing software with yum

  • Managing Process, process priority, controlling System Services

  • Scheduling Tasks, OpenSSH & SCP

  • Kernel Virtualization – Managing VMs, Kickstart installation

  • Managing SELinux, Firewalld, limiting network with firewalld

  • Connecting to network users & groups, connecting to network storage

  • Analysing system log with systemd & journalctl

  • Linux Boot Process, Troubleshooting boot issues



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  • Real time application training


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Job opportunities

  • Linux Administrator,

  • Linux Cluster Admin,

  • Linux Administrator - UNIX,

  • System Administrator - Linux,

Linux Server Administrator are some of the hot jobs available for the students. IT, BPO, and consulting firms, and corporates running on Linux systems and servers are the major providers.

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