Learn the core concepts of installation, configuration, trouble shooting   routers and switches and more

A computer network (LAN or WAN) operates by connecting computers and the peripherals (like printers and scanners) using two pieces of equipment: switches and routers. The switches enable the devices in a local network to talk to each other, while the routers enable the devices to connect with external networks.

A switch acts as a controller - it manages how various devices within a local network share information among themselves. The router acts as a dispatcher - it chooses the best route for sending and receiving information across a local and an external network or Internet. Routing and switching functions are all about planning and fixing routers and switches in a network.


Course objective

The course teaches students the basics of networking and how to configure a small network with routers and switches. It teaches the difference between protocols like IP, TCP and UDP; between IPv4 and IPv6. It also teaches how to configure routers and switches in a network adhering to protocols. The course also covers many related subjects in LAN/WAN networking.

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  • Introduction to Computer networks, Types of networks, Network Topologies, Basic hardware, Networking Media Crimping, Types of cables used to connect devices, OSI reference layer, Identifying the devices in OSI layer

  • MAC address, TCP/IP Model, Compare OSI & TCP/IP model, Compare TCP and UDP protocols, IPv4 addressing, Subnetting, FLSM & VLSM, Supernetting

  • Subnetting, FLSM & VLSM, Supernetting, practicing subnetting and supernetting IPv6 addressing, Configuring NIC, Finding the MAC address, Identifying the classes of IP address, Assigning IP address (Static & Dynamic)

  • Cisco routers, Cisco IOS, entering in to CISCO IOS, Configuring router basic setup, IPv4 and IPv6 Configuration (Tool and real router)

  • Switching Technology, Function of Switch, Switch function learning (Tool and real switch), STP, Configuring STP

  • VLAN & its configuration, Layer2 protocols & its configuration. Etherchannel and its configuration, Switch Stacking & chassis aggregation

  • Routing fundamentals & Technologies, components of a routing table, Inter-VLAN routing & its configuration

  • Types of routing, Static routing, Configuring static routing IPv4 & IPv6 (Tool and real router)

  • Static vs Dynamic, Dynamic routing, Distance Vector vs link state, Interior vs Exterior.

  • RIP V1 & V2, Configuring RIPv2 (Tool and real router)

  • OSPFv2, Configuring OSPFv2 single area (Tool and Real router)

  • Configuring OSPFv2 Multiarea and other options (Tool and Real router)

  • OSPFv3, Configuring OSPFv3 (Tool and Real router)

  • EIGRP, Configuring EIGRP (Tool and Real router)

  • EIGRP for IPv6, Configuring EIGRP for IPv6 (Tool and Real router)

  • WAN Technologies, Topology and access options. Quality of Service. HDLC, PPP & MLPPP. Configuring PPP & MLPPP (Tool and Real router)

  • PPPoE & its configuration, GRE tunnel. Configuring GRE tunnel, eBGP & its configuration

  • Infrastructure Services, DNS, DHCP. Configuring DHCP. Redundancy protocol, HSRP and its configuration

  • NAT and its configuration, NTP and its configuration

  • Infrastructure Security, Access Layer Threats migration technique, Infrastructure Components in Enterprise Network. Cloud resources on enterprise network

  • architecture, Two-tier & Three-tier architectures, AAA architecture.

  • Port security and its configuration, Device Hardening, local authentication, secure password. Telnet & SSH and its configuration.

  • Access Control List, Standard, Extended, Named. Configuring Standard ACL, Extended ACL, Named ACL in both IPv4 & IPv6

  • Infrastructure Management, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, configuring SNMP, Syslog and its configuration.

  • Backup and restore configuration, CDP, upgrading IOS. Password recovery and configuration register, Ping & traceroute.

  • Case Study



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Job opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities for students in the networking space. All organized sectors, right from corporates to small organizations using computer networks, need experts in routing and switching. Some of the popular job titles are:

  • Networking Engineer,

  • Networks Administrator,

  • Network Architect,

  • Network Manager,

  • Networking Support

  • Engineer,

  • Technical Specialist - Routing & Switching


  • Anyone with basic computer skills can benefit from the course.

  • Having a preliminary understanding of networks is desirable but not mandatory.

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