Learn the core security concepts to install, monitor, and trouble shoot network security features to safeguard data and devices.

Network security is concerned with granting access to a network to the authorized users, and denying access to a network by the unauthorized users.

It encompasses the actions to prevent attacks from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses; spyware and adware; zero-day/zero-hour attacks; hacker attacks; denial of service attacks; data interception and theft, and identity theft. A network security consists of many hardware and software components.

Network Security - ExponIQ Engineering Services Pvt Ltd


  • Introduction to Security – Security Principles, Security Threats, Types of attacks.

  • NFP, Secure Management –Telnet, SSH.

  • Wireshark, Zenmap, Syslog, SNMPv3 using ACL

  • NTP Security, SCP , AAA – RADIUS and TACACS+ Technologies

  • Authentication and Authorization using ACS, AAA implementation using TACACS+.

  • Integration of AD with AAA, Functions of 802.1X Components, BYOD and MDM.

  • CCP, Basic Configuration using CCP, Cisco Firewall Technologies, Zone –based firewall.

  • Configuring Zone based firewall. ASA 9.x – Access Management, Security Levels, MPF Configuration, Modes of deployment, HA, Security Contexts.

  • Configuration of ASA Firewall using ASDM.

  • VPN Concepts - Ipsec protocols, delivery modes, Cryptography concepts.

  • Remote access VPN – basic clientless SSL VPN using ASDM AnyConnect SSL VPN using ASDM

  • Endpoint posture Assessment, Site to site VPN Configuration

  • Securing Routing and Switching – Privilege levels. Role based CLI access.

  • Cisco IOS resilient configuration, OSPF Routing update Authentication, Functions of Control Plane policing.

  • Common Layer 2 Attacks and Mitigation Procedures – Port Security.

  • DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, VLAN Security Implications

  • NAT in ASA 9.x. IPS Deployment Considerations and Technologies.

  • Content and Endpoint Security – Email-based threats, Web-based Threats. Mitigation

  • Technology for Endpoint threats.

  • Case Study



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Job opportunities

Major job providers for network security professionals are financial institutions and banks, internet service providers, pharmaceutical companies, government and defense agencies, and multinational corporations.

  • Administrator - Network & Security,

  • Network Security Engineer,

  • Technology Expert - Network Security,

  • Network Security Analyst,

  • Network Security Specialist,

  • Network Security Manager are some of the popular job openings in this domain.


  • Network Engineering Routing & Switching

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