By virtue of having excellent understanding of the engineering software & programming skills, ExponIQ  able to help its customers by providing Training, Help-desk and Support services to the End Users; as well as Application Maintenance and Enhancement Services to their Development teams.

It’s always a challenge for any organization to ensure its users of various engineering applications are well-trained and well-supported, so that they can efficiently perform their required tasks. ExponIQ provides support (over phone or email) so as to help users in answering their technical questions and/or suggesting the best way to use the specific engineering software. Our advanced support includes trouble shooting and debugging by qualified design engineers, to provide any required fixes to the software as well as recommend/develop further improvements and enhancements in product design and development.

We also have the ability and expertise to provide Global support from our back-office in India as well as short-term local support across any geographical locations of our client.